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Welcome to EKO-Fitness

My names is Evan Grimes. I have been a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Association of Sports Medicine since August of 2007, but my love for fitness has been with me all my life. From little league to basketball, and thru martial arts, being active has always been important to me. It was not until I had minor knee surgery due to a car accident was I led to weight training and the fitness industry.

My physical therapist was a bodybuilder and taught me the importance of not only rehabilitating my knee, but to take care of my whole body through proper exercise and nutrition. I am dedicated to helping anyone achieve their goals to a better fitness level through exercise and nutrition.

I currently work at First Place Fitness Equipment in Sarasota. I applied for this position because being a smaller company, they actually care about getting the customer into the right product, instead of just "selling" fitness equipment.  As a trainer of 10 years that is extremely important to me as each person will need different ways to exercise in order to reach their goals and I finally found a company that does that without letting corporate greed get in the way.  We only sell high quality equipment that won't need replacing like the stuff you get from the "box stores".  This is commercial quality stuff at a lower price point than any competition.  On day one my boss said we are to fit the persons needs to the machine and not try and just sell expensive things.  So yeah, I believe in the company and hope you come visit me ASAP and see the awesome fitness toys I get to play with on a regular basis.

I live in Venice, FL with my wife and two sons. The people everywhere I have worked and trained have all been great to me and I have achieved great satisfaction in helping them with their fitness goals. Call today and lets get started working on your goals together!

MMA/Kickboxing Classes

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This is Austin
(my oldest of two sons)

and Kaiden pumping some iron!